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Some Russian History

Russia is big and pretty country, usually famous for its buildings, art, museums, and gems. Besides all this, Russia is also well-known for its real gems, the influential folks who were born in Russia. If you think, you can take a quick look at the list of Great Russian people then I must tell you that it is not possible. This place is a genuine rich mine of noted and famous individuals.

Russian has a long history and tradition that all Russians are proud of. One of the many hallmarks of the culture is the focus on family life. The keyword to Russian family is dependence. Russian family life is built on interdependence, and nearly all the family members are very close and attached to one another. If you have the extended family members or friends, you will likely be invited to discuss many aspects of the life. I believe you will find that Russians are interesting people to talk to and enjoy complex topics such as art, history, culture, politics and Russian history. Russian culture comprises food, art, tradition, literature, attitude, and much more. Russian culture is visually stunning and well known for many world-famous Russian artists and artisans. Russian is also known for its traditional and colorful folk costumes and many unique Orthodox religious symbols. One famous aspect of Russian culture is Russian nesting dolls.

Russian dolls are usually painted to portray smiling women in lace shawls, and they are painted with the themes of Russian culture. Russians traditionally live and die in the towns or cities they were born in; they do not move around as Westerners do, although they are free to do so and this is changing more now with the openness of Russian culture and freedom.

Russian Matryoshka doll also referred to as nesting doll illustrate the spirit of the time, be it the present or the past. In Russia, the word Matryoshka is associated with fertility and motherhood. Russian nesting dolls are normally painted to look similar to ladies in traditional Russian clothing. Russian nesting dolls may also depict Russian world leaders, fairy tales, cartoon characters, pop culture icons, animals or sports heroes. They have a story or a message to tell which makes it a complete gift option. It is a community art made with excellent beauty and precision. They are the spirit of Russian tradition and paintings made from the color of their emotions that represent the soul and image of Russia.

In the 11th century, Yaroslav, Prince of Rostov and later the famous Prince of Kiev, founded a Christian fortress at the point where the River Kotorosl flowed into the Volga, thus guarding Rostov’s trade waterway. According to legend, the prince went out hunting and killed a very big bear. The Finn-Ugric settlement that had long existed on the spot was destroyed, along with the bear that the inhabitants worshiped, but the town named after Yaroslav the Wise still features a bear on its coat of arms. Over the following centuries, Yaroslavl grew in size and strength. For a while, it has been even a small independent principality, but after the hardships suffered under the Tartars and internecine wars, it sought protection under the wings of the powerful principality of Moscow.

Artisans make Russian nesting dolls in various sizes, shapes, and numbers and decorate the dolls with various Russian themes and localized techniques. The beauty of a handmade doll is its combination of authenticity and uniqueness. Russian nesting dolls are usually one of a kind and hand painted.

Russian Traditions

We can define tradition as a belief or behavior which is passed down within a particular society or group and which has some special significance or symbolic meaning with the origins in the past. Russia happens to be the largest nation on the planet, and it is quite natural for one to come across all types of individuals in this country in terms of caste, creed, religion, and tradition. There are certain peculiarities which are common only to the Russian folks and it will be rather interesting to be aware of them. In this article, we are going to discuss the topic – What are some common Russian traditions?

1. Giving gifts

It is a tradition in Russia to bring a gift along with you once you are invited to a particular residence. Gifts can be of any type such as a candle, some chocolates or even a bottle of wine. In case there are kids in the house of the host, do not forget to bring a packet of sweets for them.

2. Refusing to accept food is treated as offensive

In Russia avoid refusing any foodstuff given to you by your friends or relatives. In fact, food is regarded as a sensitive topic in this country and any denial to accept food might even lead to a loss of friendship or relationship with someone.

3. Greeting

In Russia, you usually greet a person by shaking hands with him or her while a hug is also not uncommon. In case of a friendly conversation, back slaps are likewise believed to be a good sign. Always make strong eye contacts while greeting any person otherwise you might be thought to be an individual who is up to no good. Although Russian men do not usually shake hands with ladies on their own, they will definitely not refuse to do so in case the females offer their hands for a handshake.

4. Avoid criticizing Russia

Try not to make any comments when some of your friends are making some negative remarks about the country. Listening to the opinions of others is definitely a good idea, but never offer your own feedback.

5. There is a fasting before any religious holiday

The Orthodox Christians in Russia are in the habit of omitting any sort of animal product from their diet several weeks prior to a big festive event, for example, Christmas. During that time, they refrain from consuming chicken, beef, and pork although, on certain days the consumption of fish along with other seafood is permitted.

6. Sitting silently before heading out for a long trip

The majority of the Russian households are in the habit of spending some time sitting on the sofa silently prior to going out for a long journey. They do this to remember any item which they might have forgotten because of the chaos and confusion that occurred while packing. This tradition is definitely a sensible practice after all.

7. Everyone respects the church

Although this might seem to be rather surprising in a country where atheism was the rule for over 5 decades, even the non-believers respect the church in Russia. In fact, the majority of the Russians consider themselves to be Orthodox Christians, and even the space shuttles need to be baptized prior to taking off.

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Russian Fashion

Russia is notable to be “place that is known for stuff”. There are numerous antiquated – style items created in Russia – items, which have long history. For instance, let us see ethnic history of Russian shawls.

At antiquated Rus, ladies ought not walk some place with un-secured head.This custom was basic before Christianization and proceeded after Russia acknowledged Christianity from Eastern Rome Empire (Byzantine). Concurring Eastern Rome Christianity, Orthodox Christian ladies ought not enter to the congregation with not secured head.

This reality caused fame of shawls in Russia – and they are extremely famous till these days.

Forerunner of Shawl was Ubrus – basic wear for some Indo-European countries.

Ubrus is the shroud – was a material bandanna made of cloth or fine silk. It was frequently weaved in a hued design at the finishes.

It was wrapped around the head and went under the jaw where it was stuck together. One of the closures hung down to the shoulder.

It was roughly 2 meters in length and 40-50 cm wide. The cover was either pulled down low on the temples or tied up higher with the goal that the front piece of the povoinik could be seen for somewhat more ornamentation” (Stamerov, 1978; in Kiev`, 2000).

Convention to wear Ubrus is as yet regular in numerous Salvonic countries, it is as yet utilized at India and has a long history, which isn’t outstanding, yet most likely gone to the times of oldest Middle East human advancements.

Another case of forte Ethnic merchandise is Russian aromas and Eau De Colognes.

Give us a chance to state, Troynoi (Triple) Eau De Cologne.

It is known because of the reality it is father of all Eau De colognes – it is unique “Cologne water” delivered because of Napoleon declaration of 1810.

This fragrance was exceptionally well known – Napoleon utilized it as well and amid war of Napoleon with Russian Czar first Eau De Cologne showed up at Russian Empire.

In a long time since Napoleon intrusion Henry Brocar – French living at Moscow, set up perfumeryfactory and most prevalent Eau De Cologne delivered was “Fragrance of Napoleon” – Troinoy.

Also, – astound – aroma remained for all intents and purposes unaltered since Napoleonic war – it is truth be told, the same since 1810 !

Fragrance incorporate Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli. Name Troinoi (Triple in Russian) was given precisely because of 3 aromas utilized. Indeed, even mark bottle still made in old customs of nineteenth century Brokar production line. This Eau De Cologne was extremely well known in Napoleonic circumstances Russian armed force, than – at first world war times armed force, lastly – Russian transformation have not wrecked this aroma – it was prominent and still mainstream in Russian armed force.

Same starting at still delivered aroma “Red Moscow”. Before transformation this aroma was named “Most loved Bouquet of Empress”. What’s more, it was truly so – they was named along these lines because of the reality, it was most loved aroma of Katherine the Great!

Intriguing history remains behind Russian Linen – made table linens. Issue is – they weaved with same method as thousands years back and there are numerous unique images weaved. Researchers still does not know without a doubt – what does that images mean.

Long time back, before Christian circumstances, that images had religious importance. Russian cloth – made things (and Russian material is still best on the planet) was utilized for uncommon purposes, and still utilized for wedding, for purifying through water youngster. Images were religious, yet people who weave them these days barely know all the importance – for the most part they take after customs of progenitors.





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Russian Folklore

Russia has had a hard history its cold and dark climate mixed with an abundance of enemy invaders from the Mongol’s to the French made this one of the most difficult places in the world in which to attempt to make a living. So terrifying was the life of the common people in early Russia that like much of the rest of Europe they chose to give up their freedom for serfdom. In Russia, however many of these serfs were virtual slaves, able to be bought and sold, and so it was that the largest block of people in Russia was in essence slaves. These poorest of peoples had a huge impact on the stories of Russia, altering its thinking even in stories of tradesmen.

The characters of Russian folklore dwell the dramatic Magical Kingdom in which they don’t get bored. They’re continually engaged in all sorts of trials and afflictions – to do the request of the king, win themselves a pretty wife, save their land or protect their loved ones from evil creatures.

Ivan the Fool

Ivan the Fool is normally the most youthful child of a worker family. He doesn’t think before acting and regularly does things randomly. Other individuals don’t consider him important –, best case scenario they treat him like a trick, and at the very least they drive him around. Ivan the Fool doesn’t care for work; he can’t oversee even the most straightforward undertaking, rather than bringing misfortune upon his family or business. By one means or another, he generally bungles through because of some inexplicable help and winds up accomplishing accomplishments that not even legends can oversee.

Regardless of his tumultuous nature, Ivan the Fool satisfies an important part: his mishandling tricks divert both the other characters and the perusers as well, and they demonstrate that even the slowest some of the time end up being the speediest.


Kikimora is an abhorrent soul, and she shows up in two forms, contingent upon who she weds. Here Bog Hag is said to be married to an ogre, and the House Hag, is a wife Domovoi (a home soul in Slavic folklore). Bog Hag shows up in folklore as an appalling old lady clad in ocean growth. Her employments are to startle the individuals who roam through the bogs, bait explorers into quicksand and take little kids.

The House Hag is very different – she lives unobtrusively in her home and infrequently shows herself to individuals. Legend says that witches are frequently the souls of individuals who have suffocated, or of kids who kicked the bucket before they were absolved. The most surely understood story of the witch is “Kikimora,” by Alexei Tolstoy.

The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess is the ideal wife, cunning and beautiful, sensible and ingenious, steadfast and thrifty. And afterall that, she’s talented in the enchantment expressions and has a multitude of babysitters at her command, who can help her in even apparently unimaginable conditions. There is, in any case, one downside. On the rules of her ruthless father, she has been transformed into a frog for quiet sometimes and is constrained to show up in that transformation to her engaged – Tsarevitch Ivan.

Her folklore has the whole array of fabulous components. Here you’ll discover custom when Crown Prince notices the frog with the guide of a bolt; there’s the violation of guidelines. Ivan copies the frog’s skin, making him lose his cherished; and in suffering for his misbehavior, he is allocated a trial that he should continue, to win his beloved froggy again. The story is called basically “The Frog Princess.”

Nightingale, the Robber

This is the legend of the exemplary Russian epic story, “The Ilya Muromets First Journey.” He resides in a home which not twelve oaks or nine oaks-trees. He’s the leader of his family. Also, his three grown little girls and their spouses live there with him. He guards the street to Kieve from Chernigov regardless of if voyagers go on horseback or by walking, the Nightingale shrieks at them with his haunting call and terrify them to death.

Subsequently, things went until the warrior Ilya Muromets crushed the Nightingale and took him to the Grand Prince in Kiev. Individuals see Nightingale from any separate routes, in some cases as a gentleman, some of the time as a winged avian half-gentle man. He represents the sort of dread that may strike travelers on their way.

It is not always the elders who tell the protagonist how to defeat evil, however; sometimes it is the monster itself. In “The Soldier and the Vampire” a soldier briefly and unknowingly makes friends with a vampire who tells the soldier how to kill him. When the vampire realizes he has compromised his secret, he attempts to kill the soldier. Death does not come easily to the vampire even with knowledge of how to defeat it, however, for as the vampire is burned, it will try to escape as a swarm of vermin if a single worm gets into the ground and away then the vampire will rise again.

Evil in the Russian folklore is difficult to defeat, able to rise even after it dies. This feature of evil can be found again in Welsh tales among others. For the peasants and peoples of the past, it surely seemed that the hardships and evils of life were never-ending, and so it was that their stories made evil impossible to gain victory over.


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Street Food in Russia

Russian people are incredibly anxious about food. The former Soviet Union joined together 12-15 nations, and we all know various national meals. We know both their names (that are often hard to pronounce and the pattern of cooking food. Once my fellow person bets with a First-rate chef that he’d prepare food an improved pizza than this Italian guy. It was a real event highlighted by mass media! As a result, my fellow lost the guess as they couldn’t know that the chef could cook greater than what he did in the caf?! He experienced neither time nor desire to work doing all his best for mass production! Indeed, Russian people like both cooking and eating. Almost all our women are excellent cookers because they learn in the family first, then – at school, then – competing with their girlfriends (who’s the best cooker?

Here is the story. One of our former translators came to visit us that before. She lives in Says now and perhaps, some of you remember her. Her name’s Indira. The girl is a wonderful and friendly person. She wedded a North American person. We asked her about everything, including American food. You know what she said? She has cooked dishes herself twice for the whole year of remaining there! It sounds great any Russian woman! All of us cook at least two times a day (breakfast and dinner), sometimes – lunch break. On weekends we pamper our close people with something tasty (some making cookies for example). Twice a year is incredible! On the other hand, the majority of Russian people cannot afford restaurants so often. Our average salary is 150$ and a dinner at a restaurant costs at least 20$.

So, it is much cheaper to prepare food on your own in Russia. By the way, ask your lover about her favorite dish, and I’m sure the lady will be able to tell you about her cooking specialty.

So, what do we usually eat? (I hope, guys, you might have had your meal already, or we warm-up your appetite! ) If you do not feel like eating traditional Russian food, don’t be terrified of starving in Spain! For example, in Kazan, there are a lot of restaurants and restaurants where you can try Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Georgian, European and Indian food. Besides, we have MacDonald’s to can eat American food. Oh, just avoid beat me, American men.

Now, I’d like to give you a kind suggestion (from our Englishman). Purchasing a hotel accommodation with breakfast included, please find out their menu. Perhaps, you like this English guy, are heading to give your money but is not to be able to stuff yourself with these “rich” sausages and porridges. Maybe you’d better buy some fruits and eat them in your room? Or just order a cup of espresso. Food can be very expensive in some Russian hotels and restaurants. Therefore, you’d better inquire about what you are going to eat before paying.