Russian Traditions

We can define tradition as a belief or behavior which is passed down within a particular society or group and which has some special significance or symbolic meaning with the origins in the past. Russia happens to be the largest nation on the planet, and it is quite natural for one to come across all types of individuals in this country in terms of caste, creed, religion, and tradition. There are certain peculiarities which are common only to the Russian folks and it will be rather interesting to be aware of them. In this article, we are going to discuss the topic – What are some common Russian traditions?

1. Giving gifts

It is a tradition in Russia to bring a gift along with you once you are invited to a particular residence. Gifts can be of any type such as a candle, some chocolates or even a bottle of wine. In case there are kids in the house of the host, do not forget to bring a packet of sweets for them.

2. Refusing to accept food is treated as offensive

In Russia avoid refusing any foodstuff given to you by your friends or relatives. In fact, food is regarded as a sensitive topic in this country and any denial to accept food might even lead to a loss of friendship or relationship with someone.

3. Greeting

In Russia, you usually greet a person by shaking hands with him or her while a hug is also not uncommon. In case of a friendly conversation, back slaps are likewise believed to be a good sign. Always make strong eye contacts while greeting any person otherwise you might be thought to be an individual who is up to no good. Although Russian men do not usually shake hands with ladies on their own, they will definitely not refuse to do so in case the females offer their hands for a handshake.

4. Avoid criticizing Russia

Try not to make any comments when some of your friends are making some negative remarks about the country. Listening to the opinions of others is definitely a good idea, but never offer your own feedback.

5. There is a fasting before any religious holiday

The Orthodox Christians in Russia are in the habit of omitting any sort of animal product from their diet several weeks prior to a big festive event, for example, Christmas. During that time, they refrain from consuming chicken, beef, and pork although, on certain days the consumption of fish along with other seafood is permitted.

6. Sitting silently before heading out for a long trip

The majority of the Russian households are in the habit of spending some time sitting on the sofa silently prior to going out for a long journey. They do this to remember any item which they might have forgotten because of the chaos and confusion that occurred while packing. This tradition is definitely a sensible practice after all.

7. Everyone respects the church

Although this might seem to be rather surprising in a country where atheism was the rule for over 5 decades, even the non-believers respect the church in Russia. In fact, the majority of the Russians consider themselves to be Orthodox Christians, and even the space shuttles need to be baptized prior to taking off.

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