Some Russian History

Russia is big and pretty country, usually famous for its buildings, art, museums, and gems. Besides all this, Russia is also well-known for its real gems, the influential folks who were born in Russia. If you think, you can take a quick look at the list of Great Russian people then I must tell you that it is not possible. This place is a genuine rich mine of noted and famous individuals.

Russian has a long history and tradition that all Russians are proud of. One of the many hallmarks of the culture is the focus on family life. The keyword to Russian family is dependence. Russian family life is built on interdependence, and nearly all the family members are very close and attached to one another. If you have the extended family members or friends, you will likely be invited to discuss many aspects of the life. I believe you will find that Russians are interesting people to talk to and enjoy complex topics such as art, history, culture, politics and Russian history. Russian culture comprises food, art, tradition, literature, attitude, and much more. Russian culture is visually stunning and well known for many world-famous Russian artists and artisans. Russian is also known for its traditional and colorful folk costumes and many unique Orthodox religious symbols. One famous aspect of Russian culture is Russian nesting dolls.

Russian dolls are usually painted to portray smiling women in lace shawls, and they are painted with the themes of Russian culture. Russians traditionally live and die in the towns or cities they were born in; they do not move around as Westerners do, although they are free to do so and this is changing more now with the openness of Russian culture and freedom.

Russian Matryoshka doll also referred to as nesting doll illustrate the spirit of the time, be it the present or the past. In Russia, the word Matryoshka is associated with fertility and motherhood. Russian nesting dolls are normally painted to look similar to ladies in traditional Russian clothing. Russian nesting dolls may also depict Russian world leaders, fairy tales, cartoon characters, pop culture icons, animals or sports heroes. They have a story or a message to tell which makes it a complete gift option. It is a community art made with excellent beauty and precision. They are the spirit of Russian tradition and paintings made from the color of their emotions that represent the soul and image of Russia.

In the 11th century, Yaroslav, Prince of Rostov and later the famous Prince of Kiev, founded a Christian fortress at the point where the River Kotorosl flowed into the Volga, thus guarding Rostov’s trade waterway. According to legend, the prince went out hunting and killed a very big bear. The Finn-Ugric settlement that had long existed on the spot was destroyed, along with the bear that the inhabitants worshiped, but the town named after Yaroslav the Wise still features a bear on its coat of arms. Over the following centuries, Yaroslavl grew in size and strength. For a while, it has been even a small independent principality, but after the hardships suffered under the Tartars and internecine wars, it sought protection under the wings of the powerful principality of Moscow.

Artisans make Russian nesting dolls in various sizes, shapes, and numbers and decorate the dolls with various Russian themes and localized techniques. The beauty of a handmade doll is its combination of authenticity and uniqueness. Russian nesting dolls are usually one of a kind and hand painted.

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