Street Food in Russia

Russian people are incredibly anxious about food. The former Soviet Union joined together 12-15 nations, and we all know various national meals. We know both their names (that are often hard to pronounce and the pattern of cooking food. Once my fellow person bets with a First-rate chef that he’d prepare food an improved pizza than this Italian guy. It was a real event highlighted by mass media! As a result, my fellow lost the guess as they couldn’t know that the chef could cook greater than what he did in the caf?! He experienced neither time nor desire to work doing all his best for mass production! Indeed, Russian people like both cooking and eating. Almost all our women are excellent cookers because they learn in the family first, then – at school, then – competing with their girlfriends (who’s the best cooker?

Here is the story. One of our former translators came to visit us that before. She lives in Says now and perhaps, some of you remember her. Her name’s Indira. The girl is a wonderful and friendly person. She wedded a North American person. We asked her about everything, including American food. You know what she said? She has cooked dishes herself twice for the whole year of remaining there! It sounds great any Russian woman! All of us cook at least two times a day (breakfast and dinner), sometimes – lunch break. On weekends we pamper our close people with something tasty (some making cookies for example). Twice a year is incredible! On the other hand, the majority of Russian people cannot afford restaurants so often. Our average salary is 150$ and a dinner at a restaurant costs at least 20$.

So, it is much cheaper to prepare food on your own in Russia. By the way, ask your lover about her favorite dish, and I’m sure the lady will be able to tell you about her cooking specialty.

So, what do we usually eat? (I hope, guys, you might have had your meal already, or we warm-up your appetite! ) If you do not feel like eating traditional Russian food, don’t be terrified of starving in Spain! For example, in Kazan, there are a lot of restaurants and restaurants where you can try Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Georgian, European and Indian food. Besides, we have MacDonald’s to can eat American food. Oh, just avoid beat me, American men.

Now, I’d like to give you a kind suggestion (from our Englishman). Purchasing a hotel accommodation with breakfast included, please find out their menu. Perhaps, you like this English guy, are heading to give your money but is not to be able to stuff yourself with these “rich” sausages and porridges. Maybe you’d better buy some fruits and eat them in your room? Or just order a cup of espresso. Food can be very expensive in some Russian hotels and restaurants. Therefore, you’d better inquire about what you are going to eat before paying.

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